Rip footloose 2011 dvd to kindle fire


How to rip footloose 2011 dvd to iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire or your smart phone?


Maybe you never heard that dancing is banned in some place. But there're really small towns in America that ban dancing. At least two: the Utah burg from 1984's Footloose, and the Georgia town in 2011's Footloose. In "Footloose 2011", you can see the struggle between innocence and rigid morality is revisited when city-boy Ren finds himself in an uptight town where dancing has been banned. Filled with contemporary music and iconic classics from the original, this fresh look on youth culture is sure to win fans of young and old.

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Now, you may just download the latest version 1.0.1 of Ideal DVD to MP4 Converter from and install it. Then try to rip this dvd. When ripping, ensure your computer is connected to internet and don't run other decrypters in the background, because other decrypters can conflict with it.

Then follow the steps below to rip Footloose dvd for your iPad.
1) Launch Ideal DVD to MP4 Converter.
2) Insert DVD "Breaking Dawn" to your DVD-Rom drive.
3) Check the checkbox before the title you want to rip.
4) Choose the audio track and subtitle you like under the title list box.
5) Choose iPad profile from the "Profile" dropdown list. If you want to put this dvd on iPhone, Kindle Fire or other smart phone, just choose the corresponding profile.
6) Set the target directory to hold the output file. You may click "Choose" button beside "Destination" box to set the target directory. The program will automatically create an IdealDVD2MP4 folder on your largest hard drive as the target.
7) Click "Rip" button to begin the ripping.

After ripping, you will get a .mp4 file, then you can transfer that file to your iPad, iphone, Kindle Fire or smart phone, take it along with you, and you may enjoy it anytime and anywhere.

If you still can't rip "Footloose 2011" dvd with this version, that mostly means your DVD is another edition they haven't met, just keep the DVD in your DVD drive, click "File"->"Export ifo files" menu, save the exported file and send the .iba file to their support team , they will fix it within one day.

BTW, if you want to rip dvd Footloose 2011 to avi format, just try Ideal DVD to Avi Converter . If you want to backup it to blank dvd, just use Ideal DVD Copy. All of their programs can solve this DVD.

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