Play blu-ray on Mac

It is well known that Mac device doesn't support blu-ray. Even with the latest generation Mac device, it isn't equipped with a blu-ray drive, not to mention blu-ray player software. So for mac fans, it's very annoyed that you can't enjoy your loved blu-ray movies on your MacBook Pro, Air, Mac mini, imac or Mac Pro etc.

Are you also looking for a bu-ray player for your mac? Here, I recommend a simple solution - Ideal Mac Blu-ray Player. It's quite easy to use, will auto-load the blu-ray movies in your external drive. It doesn't like dvd player software which show the menu of a blu-ray. If you want to see the tailer or extras, you should switch to other titles from a menu button. Anyway, that's OK for us who just simply want to enjoying blu-ray movies on our Mac. There's no trial time limitation , but in the middle of the picture, there's a watermark. So if you care about the watermark, you should pay $19.97 for this blu-ray player.

Download link:

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