Ideal DVD Software has began to make inroads into apple market

On April 1st, Ideal DVD Software announced the release of Ideal DVD Copy for Mac 1.0 version, which indicates that Ideal DVD Software now reaches Mac OS. Soon, you will find more and more dvd copy and ripping software from Ideal DVD Software on Mac platform.

As their first program on Mac, Ideal DVD Copy for mac uses the same UI style as their windows version, it is simple and user-friendly. For Mac computer novice, you can also make a perfect copy of your dvds on Mac easily. is founded in 2005. It is a professional DVD software developer, including Blu-ray copy, dvd copy and DVD Converter software. The company’s goal is to develop the easiest and the most efficient blu-ray copy & DVD Copy and conversion software, so that users can easily make a perfect personal copy or conversion for their favorite DVDs. They strive to provide the first-class service and support to the users.

In the past seven years, Ideal DVD Software is always dedicated to windows OS, but since this year, they began to change their market strategy. They plan to move their main products like Blu-ray Copy, DVD Copy to Mac platform. Now, they’ve successfully step-out the first step to Mac. Their next plan is to develop a new program DVD Ripper for Mac. Let’s wait expectantly for their new product and new success.

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